Overcoming Lockdown with Smart Camera technology

Duration • 60mins

Together with Cisco Meraki and analytics leader, Everyangle, Maintel will investigate how Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras with ‘Computer Vision Applications’ – technology can help retailers better understand their customer’s shopping habits.

During this virtual workshop, we explore both the long- and short-term benefits of this Smart Camera and Everyangle technology. Smart Cameras can help retailers to better analyse customer behaviour, increase customer loyalty, monitor sales conversion rates and provide a better understanding of the customers in-store journey.

Now - more than ever before - retailers must consider the safety of staff and customers. As the Covid-19 lockdown begins to lift, we consider how you can manage in-store customer occupancy, monitor those queuing outside, and help those in-store to maintain safe social distances.

Featured Speakers
James Mingard, Head of Retail at Maintel 
Joe Weiss, Product Specialist: Smart Cameras at Meraki
David Owens, CEO at Everyangle 
Tim Cotte, Application and Integration Consultant at Maintel