Secure Remote Home Working The 'new normal'

Duration • 43mins

As a result of Covid-19, the number of people working from home has increased exponentially. We are now seeing most of the UK’s office-based employees being home-based with remote-working rising from just under 6% last year.

During the recording we will be discussing the following areas;

What we did to quickly mobilise remote home working following lockdown announcement. How effective has it been and how are businesses planning to leverage this capability as lockdown restrictions are lifted? – Mike Gatty – Head of Secure Connectivity

By moving to remote working, what security risks have we introduced? What are we seeing out there in the market and how can we fix them? – Steven Goff – Secure Infrastructure Specialist

How you can further protect your home worker solutions by adding endpoint security and secure VPN? How an SD-WAN solution could turn what is essentially a publicly available consumer solution into a fully secure and performance enhanced ‘enterprise’ grade solution into your home or small office – Rob Smith – Product Manager