SD-WAN workshop with Cisco and Highlight

Become the SD-WAN Expert at your Company 

Duration • 2hrs 44mins

Maintel, in conjunction, with our key partners Cisco and Highlight invite you to view this exclusive virtual SD-WAN workshop.

SD-WAN is now way more than just a buzzword phrase in today’s corporate network environments including your secure remote homeworker platforms. It is essential that forward-thinking infrastructure and network teams are building next-generation network roadmaps that can leverage the transition to cloud and SaaS applications effectively whilst ensuring optimal utilisation of underlying bandwidth resources.

This workshop introduces; the Cisco SD-WAN platforms and tools, demonstrating the value and business benefits SD-WAN can provide back into your own organisation, including our secure remote homeworking toolkit. We also look at how Highlight integrates into the Maintel network management platform to give you increased visibility on the SD-WAN elements of your network.

Featured Speakers
Robert Smith, Product Manager for Security and Networking at Maintel 
Robert McGuckin, Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco
Martin Saunders, Product Director at Cisco
Mike Gatty, Head of Secure Connectivity at Maintel