Agent Wellbeing and Retention for CX Workers Within the Financial Services Sector

Duration • 28mins

With the number of contact centre agents working remotely higher than ever before, it’s vital for financial organisations to ensure that their teams are well connected, feel empowered, and remain fully supported despite the unusual circumstances.

This webinar looks to discuss the challenges faced by agents within Financial and Insurance organisations, when supporting challenging and potentially vulnerable customers, these include:

  • Agent engaged on complex requirements where human touch is needed
  • Supporting customers in a compliant and responsible way
  • Dealing with vulnerable customers
  • Support of employees mental health and well-being.
  • Cost of recruitment, training and replacing lost staff

Featured Speakers
Jonathan Mobbs, Head of Finance & Legal at Maintel 
Ash McDonagh, Head of Learning & Development at Maintel
Derek Lewis, Head of Customer Experience at Maintel

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