Loyalty Online 

Duration • 40mins 

It’s undeniable – the nature of retail is changing. And with today’s consumer demanding efficient, convenient, and personalised shopping experiences - both instore and online - customer experience has never been more important. Retail businesses need to prioritise transforming customer interactions into rich experiences for their customers to enable better business outcomes, growth and retention, and lower agent attrition.

See this demo session, where together with Mitel we delve into all aspects of the contact centre and demonstrate how embracing new technology can help you to provide instant and personalised shopping experiences that generate customer loyalty.

In addition, we explore the importance of creating motivated agents within your organisation. Motivated teams, that feel valued and confident when utilising break-through contact centre technology, will not only improve agent retention but also work wonders for your customer experience.

Featured Speakers
James Mingard, Head of Retail at Maintel
Derek Lewis, Head of Customer Experience at Maintel
James Mackie, Technical Consultant at Maintel
Andy Wilcox, Head of Retail at Maintel