Cloud University - Rethinking Higher Education with Extreme Networks

Duration • 1hr 

Can we improve student wellbeing, provide more flexible teaching spaces, and enable agile learning practices in a way that’s never been done before?

Listen to experts from both Maintel and Extreme Networks as they present a discussion on the Cloud University. Learn more about how you can harness the power of cloud technology and evergreen networking to rethink higher education as we know it. This session will tackle the current set of challenges faced by Higher Education leaders, as well as the solutions our university customers are deploying in response: -

  • Why this is an opportunity to change?
  • What can the cloud do for Higher Education?
  • How will our teams operate in this new world?
  • Can big data make us more intelligent?
  • Is learning continuity a worthwhile goal?
  • What does engagement mean to student welfare?

Featured Speakers
Howard Trivett, Secure Infrastructure Specialist at Maintel
Robert Smith, Product Manager for Security & Networking at Cisco
Robert Wright, Sales Engineering Manager - Partners at Extreme Networks
Gemma James, Senior Account Executive, Extreme Networks Education Specialist